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Sarl BATEXIM Import Export

Sarl BATEXIM Import Export

High Quality Ceramic

Sarl BATEXIM Import Export
+213 (0)41 55 90 54

Company specializing in the distribution of construction materials, offers professionals in construction and real estate development since October 2009, date of its creation.

Located near the e main highways and highways, and very close to Ahmed Bin Bella Airport in Oran, this company strives to provide high quality service to its customers, a variety of items and finally to ensure availability. optimal products.

BATEXIM, which initially marketed certain models of floor and wall coverings, has gradually diversified to respond effectively to the growing demands of its customers and has just acquired a showroom and a large import storage center.

CORSOCERAM products at Sarl BATEXIM Import Export

HAVANA GRIS Wall Tile Crystallized 20X50